At See Why Projects, we love stories and translating BIG or intimate ideas into beautiful narratives.  Whether it is for global media outlets, thoughtful brands, emerging VR or scientific agencies, we research and then craft media that reflects the heart and needs of you and your organization.  

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Founder of See Why Projects & LUCA Media Collective, Catherine Yrisarri develops global media projects and crafts award-winning stories for major media outlets, companies and scientific agencies.  Most recently, she developed and produced the first immersive Virtual Reality series that chronicles climate change for Participant Media and Al Gore that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.  In tandem, she directed a film that chronicles the wave of emerging female politicians during the 2016 - 18 election cycle. Starting her career with National Geographic, she has editorially and creatively crafted several international series exploring ecology, science politics, sex and also developed the faith-based documentary series Belief that Oprah calls “her life’s work.” Over the years, she has worked on stories in over 50 countries around the globe for top clients and media outlets such as New York Times T Brand Studio, Netflix, National Geographic and many others.  She has extensively covered environmental issues around the world from water scarcity, deforestation, climate change, and most recently the declining coral reefs around the world that both won a 2018 Emmy for best documentary film and the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award. With a basis of knowledge in ecology, climate, culture and storytelling - she consults for scientific, storytelling and cultural foundations and institutes. 


Participant Media
National Geographic
YETI Coolers
New York Times T-Brand Studio
The Weather Channel
OWN Network
Free Speech TV & many more.

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