GLObal ocean Refuge system 

PRODUCER:  See Why Projects //Blue Chalk Media
CLIENT:  Marine Conservation Institute
ROLE:  Director // Producer

See Why Projects & Blue Chalk Media paired up with the Marine Conservation Institute to create a film about their latest conservation initiative. The Global Oceans Refuge System, or GLORES, is a science-based initiative designed to protect at least 20% of the bio-geographic regions in the world’s oceans. With donations from some of the most talented conservation photographers and cinematographers, the film sheds light on the critical state of our oceans and how GLORES is a vital step to conserving our planet’s vanishing ocean life and habitats.

Huge thanks to all the talented photographers who contributed their work:

Octavio Aburto, Clinton Bauder, Marco Carè, Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, Emma Casagrande, Cristian Dimitrius, Reinhard Dirscherl/Getty, Jamie Francis, Daniel Fox, Shawn Heinrichs, Doug Helton/NOAA, Cristina Mittermeier, Paul Nicklen, Randy Olson, Joe Platko, John Weller